Pass OLNA with WA built skill builders

OLNA Support targets your individual learning, with questions thoroughly explained so you know the how, not just the answer.


270 Total questions


250 Total questions


30 Writing stimuli

Looking for ATAR resources? Try our ATAR Support!

Written responses marked in real time, online.

Every student can now submit their response through our new analysis engine that assigns more than 7 key marking points, such as Audience, Structure and Organisation, Cohesion, and Spelling.

Each of our 30 writing skill builders will now automatically grade your response based on AI-driven algorithms.

The response analysis works with 4 different types of responses:

+ Persuasive
+ Informative
+ Procedural / Instructional
+ Creative

Marked in 3 Easy steps


Students write a response to any of our Writing skill builders.


Student submits their response, which is automatically processed through our API response marking rubric.


Student (and teacher on school memberships) receives a marked response with ways to improve their score.

School Memberships Available

Schools can purchase a special discounted membership that will provide a School Administrator Account and a unique school code that students can use.

A School Membership will provide all students with full access to all OLNA Support Skill builders and Practice Tests in Numeracy, Reading and Writing for a full year.

OLNA Support is currently used in 80+ schools across WA

Why Choose OLNA Support?

Answers to every question are thoroughly explained

All our content follows the Western Australian curriculum and is currently taught in Western Australian schools.

New questions and content updated regularly

OLNA Support boasts 500+ questions, (and rising) full of varied content that is built for students to easily process and retain information.

Low cost subscription to all skill builders

With targeted test memberships or all-in-one, OLNA Support will have an easy to pay membership for you.

Built by WA Teachers

Carl Owen

English Teacher
(since 2007)
OLNA Specialist
(since 2014)

“I’m dedicated to supporting students to achieve their goals and creating opportunities for them to be their best”

Andrew Thomas

Multiple Teaching Areas
(since 2005)
Learning Support Coordinator (since 2013)

“I support students so they can realise their potential and achieve to their own individual academic success”

Our Philosophy

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