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Every question has a detailed explanation of answer, so every answer is informed and can be applied to related questions. Each answer allows instant feedback on why it is correct or incorrect


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OLNA Support boasts 500+ questions, (and rising) full of varied content that is built for students to easily process and retain information


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With targeted test memberships or all-in-one, OLNA Support will have an easy to pay membership for you


Geraldton Senior College

“Our school trialled olna.com.au in preparation for Round 2 of OLNA 2016 and the students found it beneficial; not only for boosting their literacy and numeracy skills, but it also provided valuable practice of OLNA style questions, making them feel more confident and well-prepared for the assessments. Following the trial, we decided to purchase logins for all of our students in years 10, 11 and 12 who have not yet demonstrated the standard. The resource is accessible 24/7, meaning students have the opportunity to develop their skills at school and at home, encouraging students to work at their own pace, but with support and feedback for each question.”

– Natalie Worthington

Literacy Support Coordinator & English Teacher

Mercy Catholic College

“Educators who are genuinely interested in improving the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy of the students in their care will find olna.com.au to be a very useful resource. Obviously, we are all concerned about helping our students to achieve the minimum standards so that they can achieve their WACE, but more than that we aspire to help our students to think and communicate effectively. This site is a very practical and powerful way to help students to achieve those aims.”

– Stan May

Head of English

Jerramungup District High School


“Jerramungup District High School students found the OLNA Support site easy to use. It was a great resource with a diverse range of questions. As the students could work through the skill builders at their own pace, it allowed the teacher time to work with each individual student and explain concepts they were struggling with in more detail. The “Hints” and “Explanation of Answer” links also helped those students who were working on it at home, without that teacher support. We are very happy to continue using this site with all of our OLNA students.”

– Haidee Brooks


Nagle Catholic College (2017)

“Nagle Catholic College subscribed to OLNA Support in January 2017. We provided logins for our students so that they could utilise the OLNA support website at home and at school in conjunction with the extra tutoring offered to those students sitting the assessment. After the March round of OLNA, we surveyed students to find out if they found the website beneficial. Most of the students commented that they were more prepared and more familiar with the type of questions that would be asked and this gave them confidence and took away any pre-conceived fears. Many students felt OLNA Support had helped them with their timing and they were better able to manage the maximum words within the timeframe. Because this is a web-based program, students were able to access it from home and parents were able to become involved and assist their child if required. It was also a good opportunity for parents to view the types of questions that were asked and it gave them a better understanding of the OLNA assessment. We have subscribed to OLNA Support again for 2018 and look forward to the improvements and changes that have been made to this program.”

– Jacky Patience
Curriculum Administration Officer

Swan View Senior High School (2017)

“Our school has used OLNA Support to complement the work our teachers have been doing in the classroom. It has been an effective tool that staff and students have engaged and used to improve performance in reading, writing and numeracy. There are just so many skill builders that allow students of all levels to work at their own pace and get instant feedback. OLNA Support has meant that our students can now approach the OLNA with a renewed confidence and success. Many of our students have commented on how easy it is to navigate through the website, with the added bonus of being able to access it from their devices any time day or night. We will definitely be using OLNA Support again next year.”

– Chris Hatzis
Program Coordinator, Operations

Carl Owen

English Teacher
(since 2007)
OLNA Specialist
(since 2014)

“I’m dedicated to supporting students to achieve their goals and creating opportunities for them to be their best”

Andrew Thomas

Multiple Teaching Areas
(since 2005)
Learning Support Coordinator (since 2013)

“I support students so they can realise their potential and achieve to their own individual academic success”

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